Blendtec vs Vitamix Coupons – Total Blender Reviews 2017

When it becomes time to purchase a blender, you’ve probably heard great things about the Blendtec and Vitamix brands. Since both have pros and cons, it can be hard to sort out which one would be right for your unique needs. The basic statistics on the blenders is as follows:

Blendtec Features:

review of blendtec

  • 5″ tall
  • Pre-programmed cycles
  • One touch buttons
  • Runs on 1580 watts
  • 2 prong blade
  • 10 different models to choose from
  • Smaller size and design


Vitamix Features:

review of vitamix

  • 5″ tall
  • 2-speed switch and variable dial
  • Variable speed dial
  • Runs on 1380 watts
  • 4 prong blade
  • 31 different models

Statistics obviously don’t tell a potential buyer what to actually expect when they use one of these blenders. Fortunately, others have tried them out and given their opinion. Here are the pros and cons for each model, and an explanation of what you can expect them to do.

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Blendtec Blender Reviews and Promo Codes

The Blendtec boasts a very powerful motor that can make whole food into smoothies in a hurry! The issue with this powerful motor is that the base is a little light for it. This means the blender may rock a bit when run at the highest speed. When compared to the Vitamix, the Blendtec beats more air into a smoothie so it’s more frothy. This is a personal preference thing that may or may not matter to a potential customer. Cleaning a blender is easier because of the type of plastic it is made of. It is shiny and slick, so leftover food slides right off. Depending on the model, the Blendtec costs between $300 and $650. They tend to be little louder than other brands, though there is a top model available that boasts of being the quietest blender on the market. This model costs around $1000. It has a digital display, and can be pre-programmed so you don’t have to stay right with it when you are blending. You can use Blendtec discount codes for free shipping on your entire order. They also offer giveaways and members only contest to save huge.

Vitamix Blender Reviews and Coupon Codes

Depending on the exact model, the Vitamix tends to be larger than the Blendtec. This means you can make things quicker, but also means it takes up more space and more time to cleanup it’s parts. Because it’s higher, storage is a little harder. The Vitamix is operated manually with two switches and one dial. The dial controls the speed of rotation and the length of time the blade rotates. The design is usually results in a smoother blend, because it beats less air into the mix. The base of the Vitamix is solid, and won’t move, even if it is running at highest speed. Vitamix retail cost averages $400 to $700.

The Comparison – Blendtec vs Vitamix

Both blenders are made from BPA-Free copolyester plastic. This type of plastic is lightweight, but very strong and unlikely to break if you drop it. They also will never absorb odors or tastes from normal foods. Some spices might discolor or leave a smell, so be cautious when adding a lot of spices.

Different models have different sizes of jars, but for the most part, the Vitamix is larger. This fact means it is a little more tedious to store, but that it will blend larger volumes. The advantage to the size and shape of the Blendtec, is that it is better designed to make use of its longer blade, so it blends and chops faster. Measurements are easier to see on the, because they are written on the outside with black lettering. The Vita-mix containers are marked with clear lettering that makes measuring a lot harder. Whether this is a problem for you will depend on how precise your measurements need to be.

When we are comparing and thinking about Vitamix vs Blendtec then blade plays important role. The blades are very different from each other. The Vitamix has four very sharp blades that will need to be replaced when they become dull. The Blendtec has patented blades that are actually dull to begin with. They are not able to be replaced, but probably won’t need to be as the dull blades are designed to do a great job.

blendtec vs vitamix comparison - which is best?

Both blenders have a tight fitting lid that has a removable compartment that allows you to add additional ingredients while the blender is running. The design of the lid is more secure. The may run over if it is overfilled and left unattended.

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Did you know you can grind food in a blender? Both of these blenders can do this, but the Blendtec has the advantage because its regular jars can complete the process. If you want to make flour, or grind similar ingredients, you’ll have to buy a special jar for your Vitamix, or else run the risk of dulling your blades prematurely.

A blender can be used in place of a food processor. It will not produce as uniform, or visually pleasing food as an actual food processor, but it will accomplish the task. Because of its sharp blades, the Vitamix does a neater job of cutting up the food. The Blendtec is more like to just tear the food into small pieces instead of cutting it.

A blender can by handy for mixing up batter for baking. Both blenders do this well. The Blendtec has a specific BATTER button that will help you get the job done. If you like Ice Cream, the Blendtec has a button for that too. The Vitamix can make batter and ice cream just as well; it will just need to be monitored by you since it is not specifically programmed.

When it comes to Ice Cream, the Blendtec excels and can produce fresh soft serve in about 45 seconds. It will need very exact measurements to be the right consistency though. This is easy to obtain since the measurements are clearly marked on the outside. The Blendtec does have to be occasionally stopped and shaken out because the ice will accumulate around the blade as you make Ice Cream. The tamper on the Vitamix prevents this, so you can just keep blending until the Ice Cream is done.

Cleaning a blender is usually a difficult task because there are so many parts. With both the Blendtec and Vitamix, cleanup is easy. The blade is not removable, so you don’t have to waste time taking the appliance apart, and you won’t have to worry about breaking any seals and making your blender leak. If you made a thin recipe, like green juice or a smoothie, the blender will practically clean itself. To clean, you can add hot water and dish soap to the blender, then blend until it’s clean. If you made bread dough or nut butter, you will probably have to scrub the blender out by hand after the initial self cleaning. The Vitamix is a little more hazardous to clean because the blades are so sharp, and the container narrower. The has more room for your hand, and the dull blades are much less likely to cut you.

Which is best blender? Vitamix or Blendtec?

Still unsure about Blendtec vs Vitamix? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do I want?

  • Manually controlled blending
  • Higher RPM
  • Heavier, larger blender
  • Something that will blend small volumes and thicker recipes
  • You prefer the control of a manual blender

                … Vitamix is probably for you

  • A dishwasher safe jar
  • 100% automatic blending
  • More functionality such as Ice Cream, Batter Baking etc.
  • A space saving unit
  • Digital display
  • Lower cost

                …You probably want a Blendtec

Both are loud compared to standard kitchen blenders. This is because they are much more powerful, like 5 times more powerful. If noise is a problem, choose a professional grade Blendtec. They are very expensive, but are actually the quietest blenders available. You can use drizly promo code first time to get your order for FREE.

Both of these blenders can chop whole apples and blend leafy greens to creamy juice with no leaf pieces. Can your current kitchen blender do that? If cost is an issue, consider purchasing a refurbished blender.

A blender is a great way to make healthy food for the whole family. There is no right or wrong option when it comes to choosing the blender that will suit your family’s needs. So, we provide you detailed and in depth comparison of Blendtec and Vitamix and only you can decide which one is the best use of your money, and will give you the most benefits.

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