About Me

First of all thank you very much for showing your kind interest to know about me. I am Jenny, The homeschooling and experienced blogging mama of a cute little girl.

I love to write and share my daily arts, craft and home activity. Being an computer engineer and mama, I love to be tech savvy gal. I mostly blog about money saving tips, home product reviews, craft projects, cooking recipe, diet plans, grocery deals, coupons and online promo codes to be more and more frugal.

If you are mom and want to know how to effectively save thousands of dollars per month then you are on a right page. My blog is dedicated to all the mama who are always ready to be frugal girl.

In this blog, I will share my idea and honest review of various electronics, health, baby and home products such as blenders, apparels, pills and many more.

TheConnectedMom is truly a bridge between all the mom who want to be connected with while mammy community to share and learn new things, so please bookmark my site for your future reference.

Thanks again to stopping by here for giving your valued time!!

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